What do holistic vets recommend for flea and tick control

Holistic vets may recommend natural and organic products to help prevent and control fleas and ticks. This includes products that are specifically formulated for your pet’s individual needs, as well as options that are safe and non-toxic. Common holistic flea and tick control products include shampoos, sprays, spot treatments, collars, wipes, herbal mixtures, and holistic flea treatments.

Herbal remedies such as lavender oil or neem oil can be used in conjunction with other natural methods such as frequent vacuuming of carpets, cleaning furniture where pets sleep or sit/lie down regularly and washing pet bedding. These steps should be kept up throughout the warm summer months when flea populations often peak.

Regularly grooming your pet also helps to remove any unwanted pests from fur and skin surfaces quickly. Brushing the coat regularly encourages new fur growth too — this hides underlying areas that a flea could potentially inhabit.

A diet rich in omega fatty acids is also recommended for controlling external pests on your pet’s body – these fatty acids help boost the health and wellness of your pet’s skin barrier which helps them to naturally repel (and fight) against toxins from bugs like fleas and ticks. Adding nutrients like garlic into their wet/cooked food (or even into kibble recipes) will also help deter such parasites from wanting to seresto-collar.com feed off of your pooch!

Use High-Quality Flea & Tick Preventatives That Contain All-Natural Ingredients

When trying to protect your pet from fleas and ticks, it’s always best to talk to your holistic vet about what should be used to control these pests. Holistic vets often recommend high-quality flea and tick preventatives that are made with all-natural ingredients such as neem oil, essential oils, or other plant extracts. These products are designed to kill and repel the pests without the use of synthetic chemicals which may cause adverse health effects in your pet.

Using these products can also help reduce the risk of chemical resistance since natural products tend to break down faster than synthetic pesticide treatments which can build up over time in your pet’s system. It’s important to note however, that natural preventatives may require more frequent applications so it’s important that you read the label and follow instructions carefully so you can protect your beloved pet!

Implement Regular Grooming and Bathing Routine

One of the most important things that holistic vets recommend for flea and tick control is to implement a regular grooming and bathing routine. This is because pests love to hide in warm, moist areas which is the perfect environment that can be created if your pet has long fur or thick hair. Grooming sessions will help make sure their fur stays clean and remove any fleas or ticks from their fur as well as prevent them from breeding.

Bathing your pet regularly with an effective flea and tick shampoo will also help reduce the chances of these pests taking hold. Make sure that you lather up your pet’s body, paying extra attention to their legs and belly where these parasites tend to congregate. And always use lukewarm water; hot water can dry out their skin so it’s best avoided. Additionally, don’t forget to brush their coat after each bath to get rid of any remaining dead fleas or eggs that may still be in there.

Vacuum Often To Eliminate Eggs and Larvae

Vacuuming is one way holistic vets recommend to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Vacuuming removes adult fleas, larvae, eggs and ticks from your carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. To ensure all bugs receive maximum contact with the vacuum cleaners suction be sure to vacuum slowly to maximize contact with all carpet fibers. Pay special attention to areas around doors, windows and any other place where pets spend time.

Vacuums should also have a good filter system that will pick up small debris such as dirt, pet hair and dust which can help reduce adult flea numbers, since they like to hide in these areas. After vacuuming it is important to empty the vacuum canister immediately in an outside trash bin or sealing bag to prevent adults from jumping back into your house or eggs from hatching once away from their host environment.


A holistic approach to flea and tick control can be the safest and most effective method for both you and your pet. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be able to keep your pet free of these pesky parasites.

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