Legal Tips and Tricks

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips to drop,
From the UK to China, these laws don’t stop.
Whether you’re driving for Uber or in a partnership bind,
These tips and tricks will open up your mind.

Governing Law Clause in the UK

You signed a contract, now what’s it to say?
What law will govern if things go astray?
Governing law clause UK sets the stage,
It dictates the legal rules, regardless of age.

Legal Age to Uber

Wanna drive for Uber, hit the road in style?
Make sure you meet the legal age to Uber and drive that extra mile.
Don’t get caught in a legal snare,
Check the age requirement, you’ll be aware.

Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements

Climate change is real, we gotta make a stand,
The Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements lends a hand.
Expert analysis, strategies to explore,
Let’s save the planet, that’s what it’s for.

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

A trade deal between China and the land down under,
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement makes trade smoother.
The impact and implications, it’s a legal fight,
It’s all about free trade, making things right.

What is Public Image in Business?

Your business’s image, does it shine or quiver?
Know about public image in business, it’s a reputation driver.
From brand perception to stakeholder views,
It’s all about perception, make the right clues.

Plain Meaning Rule in Contract Law

When contracts are written, words must be clear,
The plain meaning rule in contract law keeps things sincere.
No ambiguity, no room for doubt,
It’s all about the words, that’s what it’s about.

Online Paid Internship for Law Students

Law students, listen up, here’s something neat,
An online paid internship for some practical feat.
Gain real-world experience, right from your screen,
It’s a legal world out there, make sure you’re keen.

Ground Rules for Effective Teams by Roger Schwarz

Working in a team, you gotta make it right,
Ground rules for effective teams, to keep things bright.
By Roger Schwarz, expert advice you heed,
Build a winning team, that’s what you need.

Section 75 Partnership Agreement

Partnerships are serious, they’re a legal dance,
Section 75 partnership agreements, they’re more than chance.
A legal guide, a rule to follow,
Understand it well, you’ll be ready to wallow.

IP Law Magazine

Intellectual property, it’s a legal feat,
IP law magazine, it’s knowledge sweet.
Laws and cases, insights galore,
Stay ahead in the game, knowing more and more.